I come from a family of artists. My parents, who met in art school, were both professional artists. When I was young and became bored, my mother would give me a pad and a pencil and send me off to "draw something".  After attending art school I held jobs as a greeting card artist, audio visual designer, print designer, and finally as a freelance illustrator. During this time I also pursued my musical interests by playing keyboards in rock bands in the Boston area.

I came to ceramics about four years ago. In the beginning I just needed to get out of the house, as illustration was and is a lonely profession. After my first semester of classes I was hooked. I started out making plates and bowls and illustrating them. Gradually I became interested in form and height and started making vessels and sculpture.

I make hand built, one-of-a-kind pieces. I prefer to make the form first, and have the form dictate the surface decoration. There is always some sort of narrative or story, no matter how ephemeral. My imagery is primarily animals (especially cats) and nature. I have always had cats, and I find them to be wonderful muses. My animals are usually standing upright on two legs, making them animals of power and strength. Other favorite animal characters include rabbits, antelope, jackals wolves and coyotes, along with the occasional monkey, bird or horse.